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Anastasia  28" Armless Slipper Chair - Custom Design Bar Inc.

Anastasia 28" Armless Slipper Chair

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Product Overview

Seat depth - standard 21" -28"

Seat height - 21"

Weight capacity - 300 lbs


This gorgeous armless slipper chair will add a contemporary and sophisticated style to your living area. A comfortable, tight padded back and seat cushion with a multi-colured fabric pattern that you and your guests can enjoy, is complemented by dark brown tapered wood legs. The chair is 28 x 32 x 35 inches. This accent chair is perfect for positioning beside sofas, side tables, or any place in your home that might need an extra seat. Everyone is guaranteed to have a comfy seat at your next get-together with this armless slipper chair, it could just be the best seat in the house.

Product Details

• Padded Seat & Back
• Tight Back & Seat Cushion, backrest to Seat: 15"H)
• Seat: Pocket Coil Included, 12"H
• Wood Tapered Leg: Dark Brown (Poplar Wood), 7"H
• Material: Multi-Color Fabric (Contrast Pattern)
• Upholstery Material -Polyester Blend
Product Dimensions & Weight
28"L X 32"W X 35"H
33 lbs
Dark Blue Chenille
Minimum Door width - side to side 30"
Slight assembly

More Product Information

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