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Farmhouse Indoor & Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Why is the farmhouse style so popular, you may ask? This trend is one of the easiest ways to decorate your space with essential decor accent pieces such as galvanized metal and chicken wire. The idea of family, comfort, simplicity and country living all embody the farmhouse trend. Here are two things that add to an indoor and & outdoor country-style farmhouse.

Firstly, you don't need a huge budget to create a little spice with your indoor & outdoor spaces gearing towards a farmhouse trend. Garden & Patio accessories are the perfect way to add decor accents that can liven up your outdoor landscape as well as your indoor space. Although garden & Patio accessories contribute to outdoor living, you will often find that you can use some of the same pieces to accessorize indoors; it's all in the way you pull it together and the feel you're trying to achieve. At Custom Design Bar Inc., you can find various decor accents to turn a dull space into a fabulous one.

The essence of accessorizing is to add flare to a space that could be lacking appeal. Little pieces such as "The Honeycomb Metal Rainboot" is a piece that can add a splash of colour, texture and character to a room. The boots' warn appearance creates a homey look, and its rustic yellow and white galvanized finish adds to a trendy farmhouse feel indoors and outdoors. Not only does this dynamic Honeycomb rainboot function as a planter outdoors in the garden, but it can function as a vase indoors by adding some artificial flowers to achieve a cozy country-style feel.

The chicken wire gives you a natural barn look, and accessorizing with this Tall Chicken Wire Cloche with Terra Cotta is a sure way to pull off the farmhouse look. It's a statement piece that offers versatility, and when paired with other decor-neutral accents such as white linen, distressed wood, and cast iron accents, all these accessories add to a comfortable, relaxed modern contemporary design and complete a warm traditional farmhouse style.



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